Turn data and human knowledge into a digital experience and create value at scale

  • Allow your human domain experts to offload their knowledge and skills into BrainMatter.
  • Turn their knowledge and skills into digital intelligence apps
  • Share AI powered apps throughout your organization

Orchestrate digital intelligence on a single platform

BrainMatter unlocks the power of artificial intelligence and empowers people with seamless digital power apps.

Turn human knowledge into digital intelligence

Your organization owns proprietary domain knowledge. Digital Intelligence is a key strategic competence to secure and scale your assets. 

Build a centralized in-house AI competence

BrainMatter allows humans to enrich data with knowledge and unleash the power of digital intelligence through a seamless experience at scale.

Benefit from proprietary power apps

Unlock limitless digital intelligence from knowledge, skills and data, hidden inside your organization and ingest sources beyond your firewall.

How does the BrainMatter platform work?

BrainMatter enables you to explore, understand and enrich your digital intelligence portfolio. Add human domain knowledge to your data, and prepare for successful solutions as efficiently as possible.

BrainMatter is built with a sharp focus on user experience to allow domain experts, managers and workers to use the platform without the need for a data scientist.

Each enriched dataset becomes a proprietary valuable asset that can be leveraged by automating tasks and driving more informed decision making.

  • Centralize digital intelligence efforts
  • Combine data with domain knowledge
  • Manage teams and projects
  • Share solutions as apps company-wide



Manage your corporate digital intelligence in a single environment.


Built with a sharp focus on user experience and natural workflow.


Re-use existing project templates and workflows to streamline projects.


Easily manage teams, track changes and evaluate actions.

Built to share

Share data, annotations, solutions and tools as ready to use apps on a company-wide scale.


Integrate with third party tools, platforms and services.

Secure your Digital Intelligence

Nine out of ten companies choose for an on-premise installation. Why? To protect their proprietary knowledge and skills, have continuous capacity and predictable costs. BrainPower scales horizontally, so you can purchase extra machines when needed.

  • IBM Power 9 GPU server
  • Speed up data enrichment time
  • BrainMatter pre-installed
  • On premise, or cloud installation
  • Full suite of AI tools