ASQF Quality Night

ASQF has been shaping the development and safeguarding of software and system quality for 20 years and promotes an internationally uniform education and training of (IT) specialists. As a network, the ASQF connects high-performance start-ups, SMEs, global players, universities and research institutes and develops proposals that meet the new demands of digitization.

1,300 members from Germany, Austria and Switzerland discuss the relevant topics of the software industry in the ASQF. In the ASQF expert groups, experts and decision-makers are represented in the area of ​​software quality and related topics. They are committed to maintaining quality standards and promote, discuss and work on current and future topics in the industry. With regular meetings of regional and supraregional groups as well as special ASQF Days, we support our members in their work.

Olga Bykova will speak at the upcoming ASQF Quality night in Nuremberg about Lean AI Development.