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Unlock Business Value

Secure your return on investment

  • Identify key areas where AI solutions will have maximum impact
  • Evaluate the state of your data
  • Assess the feasibility of AI solutions
  • Formalize an implementation strategy

Magic happens when your domain knowledge and our expertise in AI technologies align

Leverage our experience from over 50 finished projects to assess your business challenges

Deploy Enterprise AI solutions

Our BrainMatter platform is ready to perform in the most demanding environments

  • Inspect and annotate data assisted by AI
  • Combine models & algorithms into an ensemble
  • Train, evaluate results and optimize
  • Deploy the solution to production as enterprise grade software

We bridge the gap between scientific research & business applications

Our teams combine cutting edge machine learning, deep learning and data science with enterprise software engineering skills to deliver scalable, secure and reliable solutions.

Accelerate teams

Knowledge sharing is at the core of everything we do

  • In depth talks and hands-on workshops
  • Expert coaching & due diligence
  • Scientific advice
  • Data strategy design & roll-out

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