Medical imaging

Medical imaging & diagnostics

It is estimated that one in six people will suffer a stroke in their lifetime. Six of the estimated fifteen million global victims die every year and another six million incur a permanent disability. To minimise the immense burden of this disease, physicians are faced with the challenging task of quickly evaluating brain scans to initiate treatment as soon as possible.

Can we speed up brain scan diagnosis?

A general lack of available CT scan data is limiting the performance of deep learning models. Without sufficient data to learn from, neural networks struggle to generalise and learn patterns.

Compensating for missing annotated data.

We applied cutting edge techniques to discover workarounds and compensate for the missing annotated data.

The time to predict dramatically decreased while accuracy increased.

Enabling faster and more accurate image analysis that helps physicians to make well-informed decisions.


% accuracy
Faster image analysis

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Tommaso Gritti, Chief Solutions Officer
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