An innovation driven breeding company is searching for the next breakthrough in gene selection, however it can take generations to understand the full effects of crossbreeding.



It’s important to detect and classify defects on products to keep the production line up 24/7 and prevent revenue loss.



Replenishment is an area where retailers can find an edge to beat the competition and exceed customer expectations. This case resulted in increased in sales and less waste for a large regional retailer.



Each time there’s a cyber attack the data stream shows different patterns, however it’s difficult to predict what these patterns will look like and due to the volume of data it’s impossible for humans to manually monitor it.


Medical & Healthcare

It is estimated that one in six people will suffer a stroke in their lifetime. To minimise the immense burden of this devastating disease, physicians are faced with the challenging task of quickly evaluating brain scans to initiate treatment as soon as possible.



The geographical location of delivery points for an international parcel shipping company was frequently inaccurate and the delivery windows very broad, leading to undelivered packages.


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Tommaso Gritti, Chief Solutions Officer