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We are a team of experts in artificial intelligence with decades of experience in both machine learning and enterprise software engineering

The founders of BrainCreators, Gerbert Kaandorp, Jasper Wognum & Peter Eijk studied artificial intelligence together at the University of Amsterdam in the mid 90’s. After graduating the so-called AI winter had started. Companies were not investing in AI research and the internet bubble had just burst.

The guys followed their own paths as entrepreneurs, software engineers and product owners. Gerbert founded Backbase.com, now the world’s #1 banking software supplier. Jasper explored the worlds of fin-tech, social media and e-commerce, while Peter acquired rocket science developer skills.

In 2013, they saw AI enter into a new spring season and decided to get back into the game. Today they employ their former university classmates, such as principal scientific advisor Maarten Stol. BrainCreators soon attracted a group of motivated machine learning and engineering experts from different backgrounds. New talent is acquired through connections at the University of Amsterdam. Students perform research and write their master thesis at BrainCreators and the top 1% gets hired.


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We hire seasoned professionals looking for challenges and acquire fresh talent through 6 month internships in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam. Can you impress us? Apply today and we might offer you a career full of challenges!


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