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  • Transform your data into valuable insights & actions
  • Create & deploy end-to-end AI solutions
  • Roll out your enterprise AI strategy

Your organization needs answers to business challenges! AI ignites a new generation of solutions.

We create enterprise grade hard and software solutions based on AI technology. Our products solve efficiency problems, create valuable data insights and automate processes across many different industries.

We actively share our expertise with your teams and provide the platform to apply AI technology throughout your enterprise. We turn your data into a valuable asset and your teams into experts.

We bridge the gap between science and business applications, constantly testing new algorithms in real life situations. The survivors are added to our toolbox of models and algorithms.

BrainCreators provides a growing range of enterprise solutions

All data is numerical. Machine learning models can learn patterns from images, natural language, sound and sensor output. This allows us to use models from our toolbox for generic applications in many different verticals.

Quality Inspection
Boost customer satisfaction and raise profit margins on any production line. Optimise labour and knowledge intensive tasks for accuracy and speed.
Predictive Maintenance
Fix issues before damage occurs. A change in vibration or temperature can signal imminent disaster. Our models predict when a device is going to fail.
Document Analysis
Stop wasting time scanning through countless documents. Detect topics, topic changes, anomalies and similarities in text automatically.
Process Automation
Get rid of inefficient manual and software processes. Wherever there’s repetitive work it can probably be automated.
Root Cause Analysis
What went wrong? Deep learning models can discover patterns a human would never notice. Go from insights to solutions.
Risk Assessment
What’s the likelihood of something failing? Combine data sources and predict patterns that lead to failure.
Anomaly Detection
Alert security, detect a change in behavior or errors in a document effortlessly. If the regular patterns are known AI will find any deviations.
Your solution?
These are some typical applications, but we find new applications every day with the help of our clients and partners. Give us a challenge!

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We offer our services in a wide variety of verticals. Data is everywhere and patterns are everywhere. The following use cases serve as examples, so don’t feel excluded if your industry isn’t mentioned. You can be next!

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Fast-track the process of bringing your business case from problem definition to production


Clarify business cases, assess the complexity of data and processes, and design solution approaches. Compile a roadmap of high ROI projects based on value and feasibility.


Collect, inspect and prepare appropriate datasets in BrainMatter. Setup annotation processes and automatically extract features from your dataset.


Create solutions consisting of integrated machine learning models that satisfy the conditions and targets set in the business case. (Re)train models straight from BrainMatter and evaluate the results.

Roll out

Wrap and deploy your solutions to a cloud or on premises and integrate them into your IT environment. Collect and transfer knowledge to your teams to build your own AI capacity.

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BrainCreators is a highly skilled team of machine learning and software engineering professionals. Our forward-looking leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused entrepreneurs with decades of experience in AI and enterprise software. Working closely with the team, their knowledge and experience come together to make a difference for all our partners and clients. You’ll benefit from:

  • A proven track record in enterprise AI solutions for a world wide client base
  • Our close connection with the academic world through the University of Amsterdam
  • An international team of machine learning experts from 12 different countries
  • End-to-end solutions from data preparation to enterprise deployment
  • Partnerships with the big players in hardware, cloud computing and strategic consultancy
  • BrainMatter – our cutting edge enterprise AI application platform

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