Turn data and human knowledge into digital intelligence to create value at scale

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Orchestrate digital intelligence
on a central software platform

BrainMatter unlocks the potential of digital intelligence to empower people with seamless applications. Transfer human knowledge about business processes to machines without friction. Create a digital representation of your most valuable proprietary assets.

Make BrainMatter the foundation for innovation.

Digital Intelligence is a synonym for the learning capability of machines, often refered to as AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning.

We take a top-down approach focusing on the human experience and not the low-level AI technology.

Empower people & machines

Build a company wide competence to design and apply solutions.

Increase profit margins

Augment human workers to achieve new levels of performance.

Introduce radical efficiency

Automate repetitive processes with high accuracy.

Trusted By

“BrainCreators overpromised and overdelivered!”

Luc Jeurissen, Program Manager,  DHL Express

We’re passionate experts with a proven track record in applied Digital Intelligence.

Our goal is to enhance the way in which intelligence is applied.

We allow international organizations to build a solid foundation by rolling out our BrainMatter platform, getting them started and sharing our knowledge and skills to make them self sufficient. 

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